Coyote Trails Nature Center

Coyote Trails

Since Coyote Trails School of Nature was founded in 2003, it has provided outdoor nature education to children of all ages, fulfilling its mission to preserve our common heritage and the natural environment through the art and science of earth-based traditional living skills.

Coyote Trails’ solar pavilion project features 36 solar panels, mounted to the roof of an outdoor shelter at their Medford, Oregon nature center. This project meets about 60 percent of the facility’s power needs and helps the Nature Center achieve net-zero energy use. The installation is located in U.S. Cellular Park and showcases renewable energy power for more than 200,000+ annual park visitors, including the thousands who attend Coyote Trails’ environmental education classes. The panels also help power safety lighting in the park and allow Coyote Trails to dedicate more resources to reaching low-income children.

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