Hood River County Health Department

The mission of the Hood River County Health Department is to protect the health of all Hood River County residents by preventing disease, injury, premature death, and disability; promoting healthy lifestyles, behaviors and environment; and responding to disasters, disease outbreaks and epidemics through organized community efforts.

The Hood River County Health Department provides reproductive health and immunizations, protects environmental health through targeted programs, prepares the community to respond to public health emergencies, and assists Oregon Health Plan applicants. Its service reaches all segments of the community and is a cornerstone of the County.

Many of the functions provided by the Health Department are “Tier 1” level of importance in a disaster situation and must be reinstated within 24 hours.

This Blue Sky customer funded project is a 24.5 kilowatt roof mounted solar PV installation. The site will also include battery backup system, funded separately. The location is well-suited for solar, with a mostly-unshaded, south-facing roof.

The Health Department building has a diesel backup generator, to ensure that the County’s supply of vaccines stay refrigerated during power outages. The addition of batteries to the system will provide a demonstration project showing how batteries can become the building’s primary backup power source, minimizing the use of diesel, and greatly extending the amount of time the combined backup system can provide power in an emergency situation.

Ribbon cutting for the 24.5 kW solar array at Hood River Health Department.