Lakeview 4H and FFA Farm and Solar Learning Center


This project includes the installation of a 10 kilowatt ground-mounted solar array supported by a covered observation platform and educational display which will highlight information about the system configuration including: a description of each of the main system components, a discussion of the benefits of renewable energy and how narrative on homeowners and businesses can get involved with solar themselves. 

The Lakeview farm and solar learning center will be used by more than 450 youth involved in the Lake County 4H and Future Farmers of America programs, as well as the Lake and Paisley school districts. The County hopes to retain young people in the community by providing career pathways in the most economically viable industries in the area: renewable energy development and ranching/farming. The goal of the project is to provide a hands-on learning environment for young people to gain practical experience with solar technology and agricultural practices. The system has been sized to provide nearly 100% of the electricity forecasted to be used by the farm, which will help keep operational costs as low as possible over the long run.

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