Pendleton Army Air Support Facility - Oregon National Guard

Oregon Army National Guard - Pendleton Solar

In 2011, the Oregon Army National Guard (ORARNG) applied to participate in the U.S. Army Net Zero Energy program. ORARNG is the only National Guard unit selected for this program and is tasked with implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for Oregon Military Department facilities across the state.

ORARNG completed installation of a 150-kilowatt solar project at the Oregon National Guard Army Aviation Support Facility in Pendleton, OR in 2015. This project consists of 476 Oregon-made solar panels divided between a carport structure and a ground mounted system. The public is welcome on to the facilities and to use of the Armory for private functions. In addition to helping meet Net Zero standards, the installation demonstrates multiple solar panel applications to the Pendleton community and its citizen-soldiers.

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