Perry Technical Institute – Plath Hall

Perry Solar Installation

Perry Technical Institute (Perry Tech) is a nonprofit technical school in Yakima, Washington that provides students of all ages and walks of life with the skills and work habits they need to succeed in the workplace. During a campus expansion project, Perry Tech sought to incorporate alternative energy and create new hands-on opportunities for students. In 2015, Perry Tech installed a 15.68-kilowatt solar project on the rooftop of the newly constructed Plath Hall. The array consists of 56 American-made solar panels that will generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of two typical Pacific Power homes.

Perry Tech used the solar project as a learning opportunity for students in the Electrical Technology program who installed the solar array with guidance from their instructors. Students and visitors to the campus will continue to learn from the project and will be able to view energy production from a display in the lobby of the building.

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