South Coast Food Share – Oregon Coast Community Action

Coos Bay, Oregon

South Coast Food Share

The ORCCA (Oregon Coast Community Action) operates the South Coast Food Share, which distributes food to a network of 33 food pantries and meal sites throughout three of Oregon's coastal counties. This 88.56-kilowatt solar array received funding from Blue Sky to help install 328 solar modules on the roof of the ORCCA campus Head Start Building, adjacent to the Food Share. It is anticipated that the solar system will produce over 101,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, which is estimated to offset enough cost savings to equate to 42 tons of additional food delivered to the community.

The food bank will provide a focal point of sustainable energy generation; opportunities for educating the public, including Head Start students and their parents, as well as visitors of the ORCCA campus and Food Bank. The Food Bank will be equipped with an on site system monitoring display to highlight the functionality and contribution of the solar array.