St. Charles Parish School Building

St. Charles Borromeo Parish is a Catholic parish located in NE Portland’s Cully Neighborhood. Its mission statement reads: “St. Charles is a Catholic parish for people who enjoy the celebration of the Liturgy in a culturally rich and diverse community. Our parish values building relationships, not only in our church, but also in our community and the metropolitan area. Through outreach and evangelization, we will continue to share the Word of God with our neighbors in order to foster Christ’s compassion, forgiveness, justice, and peace. All are welcome here. We are an Immigrant Welcoming Congregation.”

St. Charles church serves the whole community through its outreach activities, and welcomes new immigrants into its congregation. St. Charles celebrates the cultural diversity of their Church, by their multicultural worship services, by recognizing the dignity of each person, no matter the country they come from, and by incorporating other cultures’ forms of worship in their liturgies.

Through the St. Vincent DePaul society, St. Charles serves those who are homeless or on limited incomes, by offering a food pantry and a clothes closet on Tuesdays and Saturdays; and helps with rent and utilities. St. Vincent DePaul receives money from the parishioners of St. Charles, grants from the food bank, and a few grants from generous members of the congregation. Lastly, St. Charles belongs to the Catholic Archdiocese of Portland, and by that association, serves people throughout the western part of Oregon.

St. Charles and Verde proposed a rooftop solar energy installation, with storage, on the Church’s school building. The project will provide enough renewable energy to meet St. Charles’s current electricity needs. The project will use industry standard Tier One 72-cell modules, inverters, racking and BOS to complete the installation in order to contain costs and accurately estimate production. The particular size, technology, and specific location were chosen because the building is ideal for solar with great solar exposure.

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