Wallowa Lake State Park

The Wallowa Lake State Park mission is to “protect and provide outstanding natural, scenic, cultural, historic and recreational sites for the enjoyment and education of present and future generations”. It serves local residents as well as thousands of tourists that visit each year.

Wallowa Lake County Service District is the project owner and owns the water and sewer infrastructure at the head of Wallowa Lake, servicing approximately 160 homes, hotels, and tourist attractions, including the State Park.

This project utilizes existing municipal water supply infrastructure to harness the energy potential of the State Park Springs source, which flows year-round and provides drinking water to approximately 160 homes, hotels, and tourist attractions at the head of Wallowa Lake. 

The municipal water system is owned and operated by Wallowa Lake County Service District (WLCSD) and is Wallowa County owned.

This project trailblazes a new way of applying age old hydro technology. The hydro station is in line with the municipal water distribution system, replacing an energy dissipation chamber which currently wastes the potential energy in the water, before breaking to atmospheric pressure.  The equipment is tried and true commercial equipment from Canyon Hydro. The hydro station will be located in a central location in Wallowa Lake State Park. The powerhouse will have windows for the public to see the turbine/generator in operation and signage will lead the thousands of visitors that the park receives each year to the powerhouse. Educational materials will be present to educate visitors about the benefits of no-impact, non-consumptive conduit hydropower.

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