Evaluation & Selection

Applications are evaluated by a diverse team of Pacific Power experts and a third party renewable energy consultant.  Evaluation is based on the application materials and an interview with the project team and project contractor/engineer.

After screening for requirements and eligibility, applications are graded on renewable energy project feasibility/readiness, costs, financing, additionality and community benefits and Blue Sky exposure. The evaluation methodology considers the following criteria, among others:

Evaluation criteria

High-level summary of metrics

Project Feasibility/ Readiness

Technology – How appropriate is the proposed renewable energy technology/design for the site?

Readiness – How far along is the renewable energy project in the development process? How feasible is the project plan and installation timeline?

Capability – How adept and motivated is the project team?

Costs, Financing and Additionality

Cost – How complete and competitive is the budget? Is the Blue Sky funding request reasonable?

Financing – How feasible is the financing model? What is the level of confidence that the project will be fully financed in the required timeframe?  

Additionality – Are Blue Sky funds required for the project to be successful?

Community Benefits and Blue Sky Exposure

Community impact – How much will the renewable energy project benefit the community, local economy and renewable energy industry?

Education – How physically visible is the project? How robust is the education plan?

Recognition – How robust is the plan to recognize Blue Sky customers for their contribution?

Preferred project characteristics

In addition, additional weighting is provided for projects that:

  • Advance new and emerging technologies, including renewable energy systems tied to electric vehicle charging, energy storage systems or microgrid applications.
  • Target underserved populations (low income or rural)
  • Contribute to community resiliency and disaster preparedness
  • Provide robust education and public engagement plans
  • Are sponsored by a Blue Sky customer and/or community
  • Use local labor and materials
  • Have a host that is financially invested in the project. We recommend using the Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy (DSIRE) as a resource to identify other funding opportunities applicable to your project.

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