Evaluation & selection

Applications are reviewed and evaluated by a team comprised of company representatives from multiple departments with varied areas of expertise and renewable energy consultants.  Evaluations are conducted using the information provided via the application form, supplemental material provided by the applicant and an interview with the project proponent and project contractor or engineer. This team reviews each application according to the eligibility guidelines, preferred project standards and evaluation criteria to determine which projects will be supported (subject to the availability of funds). 

The following is indicative of the funding evaluation criteria:

Project Feasibility


  • Is the planned energy source eligible?
  • Is the technology proven and established and is the equipment covered under warranty?
  • Is the equipment available in the current year?


  • How quickly will the project move forward?
  • Is the proposed installation timeframe reasonable and within Pacific Power's requirements?

Development team capability

  • Project champion – Is there a champion involved in the project who will work to overcome obstacles in making this project happen?
  • Team experience – What is the experience of the applicant and/or their chosen developer?


  • Is the project sponsor ready to proceed with the project (i.e., what efforts have been undertaken related to site assessment, access, availability, installation feasibility, interconnection requirements, financial agreements)?
  • Can the site effectively host a renewable energy project?
  • Are there significant challenges associated with interconnection?
  • Is permitting required and have steps been taken to obtain required permits?
  • Have rights, options or leases been granted to secure site control?
  • What is the probability of the project being built?

Costs, Financing and Additionality


  • Is there adequate financial structure that will ensure the project's completion within the allotted timeframe?
  • Is the customer or vendor a reliable business partner?
  • Do they have longevity at the site and in the technology?
  • Are there undue risks which would put the project in jeopardy?


  • Can Blue Sky funds make the difference to bring additional renewable resources on-line?


  • Are the total project costs and cost-share requested reasonable based on industry standards?
  • Does the cost include any ineligible costs (structural improvements, etc.)?

Community Exposure and Educational Benefits


  • What is the level of community participation in the Blue Sky program where the project will be located and what is the proportional contribution of the project to that community?

Community benefits

  • What are the environmental, educational and economic benefits to the community?
  • What other benefits can be leveraged for the community and participating Blue Sky customers?
  • Will this project stimulate renewable energy development by increasing the capacity of individuals, community groups or other organizations to undertake and support renewable energy development in their respective communities?

Educational opportunities

  • How does the facility help educate the community about the benefits of renewable energy and the Blue Sky program?

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