Evaluation & selection

Applications are reviewed and evaluated by a team comprised of company representatives from multiple departments with varied areas of expertise and renewable energy consultants.  Evaluations are conducted using the information provided via the application form, supplemental material provided by the applicant and an interview with the project proponent and project contractor or engineer. This team reviews each application according to the eligibility guidelines, preferred project standards and evaluation criteria to determine which projects will be supported (subject to the availability of funds). 

Funding from the Blue Sky Block program is awarded considering the reasonableness of the budget and funding request, the technology, project location, the complexity of the installation, the commitment of the project team and project host, community benefits, potential for public education, project readiness and the ability of the project sponsor to leverage other funding sources.

In addition to submitting all required application materials before the deadline, the following is indicative of the funding evaluation criteria:

Project Feasibility/Readiness


  • Is the planned energy source eligible?
  • Is the proposed technology appropriate for the site?
  • Is the technology proven and established and is the equipment covered under warranty? If not, is there research and development value to the project?
  • Are there undue technical risks putting the project completion in jeopardy? Have technical risks been mitigated?
  • Is the energy generation estimate accurate and supported by well-documented calculations? Is the capacity factor reasonable?
  • Has maintenance of the system been properly addressed to ensure long-term operations?

Timeframe & Readiness

  • How quickly will the project move forward?
  • Is the proposed installation timeframe reasonable and within Pacific Power's requirements?
  • What is the probability of completion within the proposed timeframe?
  • Have potential delay risks been identified and properly mitigated?
  • Has an adequate amount of pre-development work been completed?
  • Has the applicant had preliminary conversations with the utility regarding net metering/interconnection? Are there significant challenges associated with interconnection?
  • Have all required permits and approvals been accurately identified? Are any critical approvals pending or unlikely to be secured?

Development team capability

  • Is there a dedicated project proponent with a long-term stake in the project's success and who will work to overcome obstacles in making this project happen?
  • What is the relevant experience of the project team?
  • Have all required team members been identified?

Costs, Financing and Additionality


  • Is there adequate financial structure that will ensure the project's completion within the allotted timeframe?
  • Does the applicant have longevity at the site? Does the applicant appear to be financially stable/reliable?
  • Are there undue financial risks which would put the project in jeopardy? Have potential risks been identified and mitigated?


  • Are Blue Sky funds required for the project to be successful? Is the proportion of cost requested reasonable?
  • Are there other secured or pending sources of funding besides Blue Sky?


  • Are the total project costs reasonable based on industry standards?
  • Were multiple bids received from competitive contractors?
  • Does the budget represent the maximum value for the price?

Community Benefits and Blue Sky Exposure

Blue Sky Exposure

  • How does the project tie into the mission of the host organization? Are the project goals consistent with those of the Blue Sky program?
  • What is the level of community participation in the Blue Sky program where the project will be located?
  • Is there a plan to recognize the Blue Sky program and participating customers for their contribution to the project? Does the project offer unique/new exposure to Blue Sky?
  • Is the project highly visible?

Community benefits

  • Does the project provide strong environmental, social and economic benefits to the community?
  • Does the project help build regional renewable energy expertise? Does it stimulate the regional renewable energy marketplace?
  • Is the community aware of and supportive of the project? Is it likely that there will be negative impacts from this project?
  • How will the facility help educate the community about the benefits of renewable energy and the Blue Sky program?

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