Share Your Impact!

2013 infographic

Many thanks to our community of customers who are choosing to go above and beyond in reducing their environmental impact with Blue Sky. Together, we are supporting newly developed renewable energy generated in the western region and helping fund the construction of local, smaller-scale renewable projects. The infographic to the right shows how your support has made a difference in 2016!

This year your participation helped make new community-based renewable energy projects possible in your state. Take a look at the complete list of Blue Sky funded customer projects.

Blue Sky Habitat customers achieved additional impacts through funding habitat preservation and restoration projects for native fish.Visit our Blue Sky Habitat pages to learn more about the projects that promoted healthy fish habitats this year.

Did you know that Blue Sky customers have exclusive access to coupons from businesses that also participate in the program? Visit the Blue Sky Mobile Coupons  page to access special deals and don’t forget to check out a list of all Participating Blue Sky Businesses  to see who else supports renewable energy in your area.

Download and share this infographic and our Blue Sky Kit  page with your friends and family to show them how they can make a difference with Blue Sky too!

Thank you!