Share Your Impact!

When you choose to green your energy with Blue Sky, you’re joining an entire community of individuals dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint and supporting renewable energy. Here’s some highlights of how your Blue Sky community is making a difference, together.

Your Community Impact with Blue Sky*

In 2018, more than 125,800 Blue Sky participants like yourself collectively supported 790,051,058 kilowatt-hours of renewable energy, reducing their combined carbon footprints by 323,931 tons of CO2.

To better illustrate this impact, that’s how much energy 1,169,761 solar panels would produce in an entire year. Check out the full infographic below:

Blue Sky Highlights

  • With your help since 2006, 121 projects have been awarded funding across the Pacific Power service area. 
  • With habitat customers' help, 9.5 miles of river was restored and four projects received funding this year.
  • If you're interested in learning more about your enrollment options with Blue Sky, check out our resource mix.

*Your participation in the Blue Sky program helps to reduce the carbon footprint associated with your electricity use. Environmental benefits derived by comparing the Blue Sky mix with Green-e Residual Mix Emission Rates for US Customers (WECC) April 2017. Green-e Energy does not certify or verify carbon emissions claims or methodologies for calculating emissions related to biomass.

Laundry electricity consumption based on running washer and dryer one hour each at rates determined by Department of Energy’s (DOE) ‘Estimating Appliance and Home Electronic Energy Use’ (see:

Solar panel generation based on a 300W solar panel operating at the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) 2017 average capacity factor for the U.S. of 25.7% (