Getting Started & EV Benefits

Speedometer of alternative fuels

As the electric vehicle market grows, we'd like to help you understand this environmentally friendly and energy-efficient technology.

Types of EVs

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle – Plug-in hybrid vehicles operate as electric-only vehicles for 10 to 40 miles then use their gas engines. Example: Toyota Prius

Battery electric vehicle – These vehicles run exclusively on rechargeable battery packs and do not have an internal combustion engine or fuel tank. On a single charge, the typical driving range is around 100 miles or more. Examples: Nissan LEAF, Tesla

Extended range electric vehicle – These vehicles usually have an all-electric range of 40 miles. After battery depletion, the car uses a gasoline-powered generator that allows for extended range driving, up to 300-plus miles. Example: Chevy Volt



  • Improved air quality
  • Less noise
  • Reduced emissions


Key considerations