Guidelines for Electrical Upgrades

Guidelines and specifications for electric vehicle charging home upgrades

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Is an upgrade necessary? Uses a typical 120-volt household outlet so upgrades to your home's electrical panel may not be necessary. Charge requires 240 volts so this will likely require upgrades to your home's electrical panel and the addition of a new circuit similar to one for an air conditioner or electric dryer. Contact a licensed electrician to provide a cost estimate and perform the work.
National Electric Code requirements
  • 20-amp single-pole breaker
  • Ground fault circuit interrupter
  • Protected wall-mounted receptacle for 120-volt charging
  • 40-amp, two-pole breaker is required.
  • Charging equipment should be wired permanently to the electrical supply circuit.
  • Equipment may vary in design but must meet specifications set forth in the NEC. These specifications include equipment that is listed and labeled, ground fault protection, diagnostic capability to prohibit charging from taking place when the batteries or the vehicle is damaged or an unsafe condition exists; and an interlock that de-energizes the charging cable when the vehicle is disconnected from the charging equipment, or if excessive strain is placed on the cable/cord.