Electric Vehicle Charging Station Grants – Project Examples

To be able to adapt to a rapidly evolving market, there is flexibility in the types of projects that may be considered for grant funding. Below is an example of a project the program is designed to enable.

Hacienda CDC Car Sharing Pilot

In 2016, Pacific Power joined Hacienda Community Development Corporation (Hacienda CDC), the City of Portland and Forth in a pilot project designed to test a model for low-income electric vehicle sharing.

Through the pilot, low-income community members in an area underserved by existing public transit have access to three electric cars through a vehicle-sharing platform. Hacienda CDC hosted the vehicles at their North Portland headquarters. Two cars were available to Cully neighborhood residents at all times and one cars was reserved for Hacienda CDC staff use. Pacific Power provided $10,000 toward the cost of procuring and installing Level 2 charging stations to serve the vehicles. Other community partners procured the vehicles and are responsible for implementing and managing the project. The project launched in March 2017 and ended in December 2017.

The project at Hacienda CDC is a prime example of the type of project envisioned for grant funding, as it supports underserved communities, tests new and innovative solutions to addressing market barriers, includes other partners and provides data and learnings that can be applied in Pacific Power’s future planning efforts. Additionally, the funding model allows communities to identify their own barriers and solutions, which is a priority for Pacific Power in supporting underserved communities.

Other Project Examples

Transit agency Transit agencies may apply for grants to fund infrastructure required to fuel electric buses in support of their electrification strategies.
Businesses (small, medium or large)
Businesses of all sizes might use this grant to install EVSE and provide charging as an amenity to customers and employees. Applicants may investigate load management strategies to minimize distribution equipment upgrade and associated demand charges.
Nonprofit A nonprofit organization might use this grant to install EVSE for electric fleet vehicles and employee/customer use.
Multifamily housing complex A multi-unit property owner might use grant funding to install EVSE for tenant use, either in support of tenant-owned electric cars or in conjunction with offering electric cars for tenant use.
Fleet electrification Organizations electrifying their fleet who might install EVSE to refuel their electric vehicles.
Community car share
Projects modeled after Hacienda CDC’s community car sharing pilot testing strategies to improve access to electric cars in underserved communities.
Other Creative solutions proposed by non-residential customers that meet the evaluation criteria will be considered for funding.