Customer Generation

Net metering

Are you interested in installing solar panels or using other technologies to generate your own power? We can help.

Net Metering

For smaller generation projects – typically up to 25 kilowatts – a net meter is required. A net meter measures the difference between the electricity from the utility used by the customer and the electricity generated and provided back to the utility.

Net metering requirements can be found in our net metering tariffs. Once the renewable generator is installed and approved to code, a net metering agreement is signed and a new meter is installed. Find out how net metering works »

Oregon Solar Programs

The Oregon Solar Incentive Program was created by the Oregon Legislature in 2010 to encourage development of solar energy projects in the state. Get details on the Oregon Solar Incentive Program »

Energy Trust of Oregon offers solar incentives for homes and businesses.

California Solar Incentive Program

The California Solar Incentive Program launched in 2011 to provide Pacific Power customers, both residential and commercial, a rebate for a portion of the initial cost of installing photovoltaic systems. We are currently accepting applications. Get details about the program »

Washington Renewable Energy Program

Customers of Pacific Power can participate in the Washington Renewable Energy Cost Recovery Incentive Payment Program. This program provides individuals, businesses or local government entities payments for electricity produced by an anaerobic digester, wind generator, or solar energy system. Applications to participate are currently being accepted by the state. Get details about the program »

Customer Generation & Qualifying Facilities

For larger generation projects – greater than 25 kilowatts – we provide information on qualifying facilities, grid connection requirements and market-based incentives.

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Customer Service

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