New, More Efficient Statement Printing

New statement print process saves energy and money

Pacific Power continually looks for ways to improve our business processes, keep costs low and move toward a sustainable energy future. We partner with vendors who share our vision. 

Our new statement vendor uses a Xerox CiPress 500 Production Inkjet which uses solid ink technology and web press paper supply instead of preprinted shells (individual sheets with pre-printed images, color and format of our statements).

Here are some of the benefits of switching to the new process:

  • Solid ink technology uses waterless dyes, waxes and resins. The ink formulations are solid granules of ink at room temperature. During the printing process, these granules melt and image transfer happens in a single pass.
  • It’s been certified by the National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers to have at least 30 percent bio-derived renewable material content
  • Output is certified by International Association of the Deinking Industry, the highest possible ranking based on European Recovered Paper Council Deinkability Scores. This certification means that printed output from the CiPress can be recycled back into white office paper.
  • The CiPress is one of two high speed inkjet devices in the market to receive this certification.
  • Solid ink generates up to 90 percent less printing waste and uses up to 30 percent less energy than comparable laser printers. These savings are due to efficient setup, registration, alignment patching and other automated procedures.
  • Since no water is used in the ink or printing process, it eliminates the need for dryers – saving water and electricity.