Ways to Pay

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Other Options

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Pay online

Online payment is easy and secure.

You choose a payment method:
Checking or savings account (No fee)
Debit or credit card (Fees apply)
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Pay through our mobile app

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Automatic payments

Set up auto pay from your bank account on the due date. Learn more

Pay by phone

Pay by phone with your checking or savings account, debit or credit card
(Fees apply)

Pay in person

Pay stations and drop boxes
(Fees apply for pay stations)

Pay someone else's bill

Make a gift payment

Provide energy assistance for neighbors

Enroll in the fixed donation program

Pay by mail

It's best to use your reusable envelope
If you misplaced it, send payments to:
PO Box 26000
Portland, OR 97256-0001

Billing options add convenience

Customer Service

Customer Service

Customer service

Report a power outage

Report a streetlight outage