Energy Efficiency Information & Resources

Turning off the lights

Looking to save money on your monthly electric bill? We have a list of helpful tools and information to help you save money month after month.

Calculate Energy Use

Select your home's equipment and appliances to gain a better understanding of your electricity use. Learn more »

Usage Data & Green Button

Green Button

You can download your monthly electricity usage information via the Green Button on our website. Use your data with tools such as ENERGY STAR’s Home Energy Yardstick to see how your home measures up.

Online Home Energy Survey

Get customized energy-saving recommendations for your home. The home energy survey takes about five minutes to complete. In addition to personalized suggestions to improve your home's efficiency, you'll also get details on cash incentives to help pay for your improvement projects.

Energy Trust of Oregon

As a Pacific Power customer in Oregon, you can take advantage of Energy Trust services and cash incentives to upgrade your home efficiency. Energy Trust is an independent nonprofit organization that helps customers benefit from saving energy and tapping renewable resources.


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Efficiency Video Clips

Follow the "high-bill detective" through six areas of your home where you can make improvements to save money. Watch the videos »