Save money with LED bulbs

Woman installing LED bulb
  • Use ENERGY STAR® LED bulbs and light fixtures.
  • Look for the lighting facts label when you shop. It's a quick way to compare brightness (lumens), light appearance (warm to cool) and operating costs.
  • You can buy discounted bulbs through partnerships with local retailers:
    PDF California retailers
    Oregon retailers
    PDF Washington retailers
     Watts (power)
40 w 11 w 9 w 450 lm
60 w 13 w 11 w 800 lm
75 w 18 w 16 w 1,100 lm
100 w 23 w 20 w 1,600 lm
  1. * Because CFLs contain tiny amounts of mercury, proper disposal is important.
  • Keep lights off in unoccupied rooms and get in the habit of turning off the light every time you leave a room for more than a few minutes.
  • Use low-wattage bulbs when possible. Bright lights are often not needed in hallways or closets.
  • Clean light bulbs and fixtures since dirt can reduce light output by as much as 10 percent.
  • Consider installing dimmers in areas where they make sense, such as the dining room and bedroom.
  • When working at a desk or workbench, use task lighting. Other lights in the room could be turned off or dimmed.

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