Farmer hands planting to soil tomato seedling in the vegetable garden. On the background a watering can for irrigation. Organic farming and spring gardening concept

Throughout the year, we ask Blue Sky participants to share their tips for taking action for the environment and we wanted to share some of the great ideas! In honor of Spring, our Blue Sky participants share their strategies on gardening.

Gabriele from Albany suggests, “I create around my house an environment that encourages the three Bs, birds, bees and butterflies by planting flowers and plants, providing water and not spraying poisons.”

Catherine from Astoria, has some eco-friendly suggestions, “plant your own vegetables, fruit trees, and herbs. Use non-toxic weed killers, and incorporate some of the 'weeds' into your garden to attract bees, butterflies, and helpful insects.”

And, Anna from Medford has some advice that gets straight to the point, “compost your food!” Compost adds organic matter to soil, helping it retain moisture and adding nutrients that help plants grow.

There is no impact that is too small, all you have to do is start. We thank our Blue Sky participants for sharing their advice with the rest of our Blue Sky community. Now, we’d like to hear from you! Share your tips and advice on making an impact by clicking this link. Your tip could be featured in future newsletters!