A Look at Your Bill

If your bill is higher than normal, it helps to look at specific areas that may be contributing to the increase.

Bill account & charges section

1.  Elapsed days – This section indicates how many days we are billing you for. Sometimes the number of days can change from month to month. If your bill is higher than normal, it might just be because we billed for more days in this billing period.

2.  Amount used this month – You are billed by the number of kilowatt-hours you use. If your elapsed days haven't changed, and your kilowatt-hours are significantly different, you may have something going on in your house that changed your energy consumption.

3.  Your balance with us – If your elapsed days are the same and your energy usage is the same, check your balance due. You may have a past due amount showing on your bill. If you already sent a check we may have missed each other in the mail, but the past due is still showing on your bill.

4. Itemized charges – This section lists out your current monthly charges and/or credits.

If you have questions about your bill, please call us toll free anytime at 1-888-221-7070.

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