Reading Your Meter

We can help you better track your usage

Reading your meter can help you find out when you use energy. Record this information and you can make changes to save money. 

Digital meters

Digital meter

Many of our customers have digital meters (pictured at right). To read a digital meter simply read the meter left to right, just like reading a car odometer, to track your usage. The digital meter keeps a running total of your usage just like your car odometer tracks miles.

Note: If you feel like your bill is higher than usual try conducting a breaker test.

Analog meters

If you have an analog meter, read the dials from left to right. When the dial is between two numbers, choose the smaller number. If the dial appears to be directly on a number ("6" for example), look at the dial to the right. If that dial has passed "0", "6" is the correct reading. If it has not passed zero, "5" is the correct reading. Now read the number back left to right. In the example below, the correct reading is 46372.

Analog meter dials

It's best to read your meter about the same time each day so that you are comparing equal periods.

To determine the number of kilowatt-hours used in the last 24-hour period, subtract the last day's meter total from the current day's reading.

Please keep in mind that no matter which type of meter you have, we may need to access it from time to time. 

If you have questions, please call us anytime toll free at 1-888-221-7070.