Landlord Interim Billing Agreement

What it is:

A landlord interim billing agreement is a contractual agreement that ensures the continuance of electric service between tenants for rental properties.

Who is eligible?

Any property owner, landlord or property management company that has a site or multiple sites they wish to place on the agreement.

Benefits to landlords:

  • Saves time – the landlord doesn’t have to call in between tenants to assume responsibility for the billing.
  • It ensures that electrical service between tenants will not be disconnected, thereby preventing potential damage to pipes and property due to cold weather.
  • Landlords have the option of authorizing property managers or management companies to act on their behalf to discuss and make changes to their account.
  • Landlords with multiple sites can consolidate all landlord agreements on one monthly statement. The statement will reflect itemized detail for each active agreement.

How it works:

When the tenant applies for electric service at the rental property, we transfer responsibility for the billing from the landlord’s name into the tenant’s name.

When the tenant moves out and closes their account, the billing responsibility is automatically transferred back into the landlord’s name.

Since this is a contractual agreement, the landlord will need to complete and submit the form online.

Once the completed form is returned to us, the interim billing agreement will be established. The hard copy serves as a contract between the company and the landlord.