Power Options

We know your needs and preferences are unlike anyone else’s and you like to have choices about your electricity. That’s why we offer choices for your electric service with us – you can decide what’s best for you.

Blue Sky Renewable Energy Program

Wind turbines

For a little more each month, you can support renewable energy development and create environmental and economic benefits in the region. Learn more about Blue Sky »


Net Metering


You may be interested in installing solar panels to generate your own electricity. In that case, you’ll need to know the process for interconnecting to the power system. Find out how net metering works »

Oregon Time of Use

Oregon residential and small business customers can also choose Time of Use. Under this option, you’ll be billed based on when you use electricity – so you can save money by significantly reducing your usage during higher-cost, on-peak hours. Shift and save with Time of Use »

Oregon Direct Access

At certain times of the year, businesses in Oregon can also choose Direct Access to purchase electricity through an alternative Electricity Service Supplier. Learn more about Oregon business options and Direct Access »

Customer Service

Customer Service

Customer service

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