What Is a Smart Meter?

Meet Your New Smart Meter

Pacific Power customers are getting an upgrade. Over the next 18 months, we’ll be replacing electric meters at the homes and businesses we serve in Oregon with new smart meters.

The replacement takes just minutes and the new meter won’t cost you anything.

Why a Smart Meter?

A smart meter is a digital electric meter that can send and receive simple communications through Pacific Power’s secure wireless network. Just like traditional electric meters, smart meters record energy usage information. No other data is collected, which means that no personal information is gathered by the smart meter.

Unlike your old meter, which requires a monthly visit from a meter reader, the new smart meters send updated usage information throughout the day. That means you’ll be able to gain insights into your own energy usage and we’ll be able to respond faster to any outages. And with the new smart meters, we'll be better able to integrate renewable energy across the grid.

Key Benefits

Energy Insights

Once your smart meter is fully up and running, you’ll be able to log in to your Pacific Power account and see your energy usage hour-by-hour at your home and in even smaller increments for businesses.

These insights can help you adjust your usage to potentially lower your bill and reduce your environmental footprint. You can also set up a monthly bill threshold for your home or business. If you begin to exceed this budget, we’ll send you an alert.

It’s all about giving you the information you need to make informed decisions.

Faster Response Times

Your smart meter will help notify us if there’s a power outage. That means we can get to work restoring your service right away—possibly before you even know there’s a problem.

Make Better Use of Renewable Energy

Solar (photovoltaic) panels are becoming more common on homes, and during sunny days when most people are at work, panels can generate more energy than homes can use. Smart meters make it easier to integrate that excess energy back into the grid, and to make sure your account is properly credited.

Smart meters not only help you, they also allow us to adapt our own power generation strategies to make the best use of distributed sources.

It’s all part of our larger effort to create a smart, modernized grid. Learn more »