Notice to California Customers: Notice Regarding Accessing, Collecting, Storing, Using and Disclosing Energy Usage Information

Effective September 14, 2018

Our Commitment to Protecting Your Privacy

We take our customers’ privacy very seriously. We treat customer information as confidential, consistent with all legal and regulatory requirements, including those that have been established by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and other regulatory agencies.

For general information regarding privacy of your personal information, please see our Privacy Policy. Additionally, you may wish to review our general practices and customer identification methods.

The specific purpose of this Notice is to inform our California customers about how Pacific Power handles your Energy Usage Data (as defined below) with regard to access, collection, storage, use and disclosure.


“Personal Information” means any information that, when used alone or combined with other personal or identifying information, can be used to distinguish or derive the identity of an individual, family, or household who is or which includes a customer of Pacific Power. Such information is subject to confidentiality requirements.

“Energy Usage Data” means any usage information obtained through the use of Pacific Power’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), which includes Pacific Power’s Smart Meters, when associated with any information that can reasonably be used to identify an individual, family, household, residence, or non-residential customer (i.e., Personal Information).

“Third Parties” means vendors, agents, contractors, or affiliates that provide service to or on behalf of Pacific Power.

“You” means any Pacific Power customer, website visitor, or mobile application user.

What Type of Information Does Pacific Power Collect?

Pacific Power is committed to collecting only the information that is necessary to provide services to you or to comply with the law. Generally, we receive or collect, store and use information that can be categorized as Personal Information or Energy Usage Data, depending on our business relationship with you and your use of our utility services. Some examples of information we collect, store and use include:

  • Contact information that allows us to communicate with you, including your name, address, telephone number and email address.
  • Billing and payment information used to pay your utility bill, including your financial information, credit history and social security number.
  • Electric usage data collected from your meter.
  • Information we receive when you choose to participate in utility programs or services, such as energy efficiency or demand response programs, or web-based services such as Your Account.

Cookies: When you visit or use our website or online services, our server may create cookies, which are small pieces of information placed on your device that provide a more convenient experience to you. When viewing your account information online, you may provide or make available certain information to us and our business partners. While your Energy Usage Data is not associated with the cookies used on our website or online services, your Personal Information may be associated with these cookies when you use certain features such as "Remember My Username". For more information on how Pacific Power uses cookies and how you can disable cookies, please visit our Privacy Policy.

How is Your Information Collected?

Pacific Power collects your information in a number of ways, including the following methods:

  • Via our metering systems when you use electricity.
  • When you set up your account or interact with us regarding your account, your utility service or your participation in utility programs. This information may be collected by phone with a customer service representative, by mail, by text, through our website at (view our Terms of Use) or through vendors who provide services on our behalf.
  • When we work with third parties such as credit agencies, market researchers or contractors who provide services on our behalf.
  • Occasionally, we obtain your information from other sources. For example, we may supplement the information described above with information from both online and offline data providers such as supplemental contact information like your email address, demographic data or other relevant information.

How Do We Use Your Energy Usage Data?

We use Energy Usage Data measured and collected from your electric meter for various purposes, including:

  • To accurately bill you based on your actual energy usage.
  • To provide you with visibility into your Energy Usage Data on a next day basis, using secure access over the Internet, to provide you with feedback on your daily usage and next month’s projected billing.
  • To communicate with you about energy savings programs and energy management tips.
  • To improve our energy supply planning and to better design and engineer our energy distribution systems.

How Does Pacific Power Store and Retain Your Information?

We keep your information only for as long as necessary to serve you and handle matters like billing disputes, inquiries and system planning. Retention periods vary based upon the specific circumstances and business needs, but will typically be seven years.

Does Pacific Power Share Your Data?

Pacific Power does not disclose a customer’s Personal Information or Energy Usage Data to any Third Party without your prior consent, except as necessary for Pacific Power to:

  • Provide services to you.
  • Operate and maintain Pacific Power’s electric system.
  • Comply with a valid warrant, subpoena, or court order.
  • Comply with a valid California Public Utilities Commission request or request from other state or federal governmental agencies with legal authority to obtain the data from Pacific Power.
  • Enable Third Parties to provide utility-related services on behalf of Pacific Power—but only to the extent necessary to render the service and subject to strict confidentiality and security requirements.
  • Assist emergency responders in situations of immediate threat to life or property.

Pacific Power may share non-customer specific energy usage data with other entities for the purpose of performing activities that may help improve such programs as energy efficiency and demand response, or to inform California energy policy as directed by the CPUC.

Lastly, you may request that we disclose your Energy Usage Data, including your Personal Information, to third party companies or persons you designate and authorize to enable them to render certain services on your behalf. Before authorizing us to share this information, it is important that you (1) understand how those third parties or persons will to use your information and whether they intend to share it with others, and (2) know your rights as a consumer.

We encourage you to protect the confidentiality of your username and password and other personally identifiable information specific to your Pacific Power account.

What Security Measures Does Pacific Power Use to Protect Your Information?

Keeping customer information private, including Energy Usage Data, is vitally important to Pacific Power. The Company maintains physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with federal, state and industry regulations to guard your sensitive information. Customer information is encrypted both where it is stored and when it is transmitted over the network and Pacific Power participates in rigorous third-party audits that verify our security controls.

Please contact us immediately at 1-888-221-7070 if you believe your account has been compromised.

Viewing Your Energy Usage Data Online

To access your Energy Usage Data, please go to Your Account.

Updates to this Notice

Pacific Power may review its policies on accessing, collecting, storing, using and disclosing Energy Usage Data from time to time. When changes are made, Pacific Power will update this Notice. Customers can track such changes are made by visiting Pacific Power’s website from time to time and reviewing the current version of this Notice. In addition, Pacific Power will send its customers annual reminders via bill insert/onsert to visit Pacific Power’s website to review Pacific Power’s most up-to-date version of this Notice.

Questions or Concerns:

If you have any questions, concerns or complaints regarding our Privacy Policy or practices for accessing, collecting, storing, using or disclosing Energy Usage Data, or wish to learn how you can view, use or dispute or limit our collection and use of your Energy Usage Data, please contact Barb Coughlin at 50-331-4306 or visit us at On our website, you can access the full text of Pacific Power’s California tariff Rule No. 27, Privacy and Security of Customer Data and Release of Customer Data.