Safe and Secure

Over the past few years, smart meters have been installed in 70 million homes across the United States. We held off rolling them out until we were confident they would exceed all of our safety and security measures.

How Safe Are Smart Meters?

Smart meters transmit energy usage data using low frequency radio waves. These radio waves have been proven to be safe and aren’t associated with any negative health effects, according to the FCC, the Electric Power Research Institute and the World Health Organization.

In fact, the radio frequency (RF) from smart meters is so low that you could stand directly in front of a smart meter for a full year and still have less RF exposure than you’d get from a single 15-minute cell phone call.

How Secure Are They?

Our cyber security protocol meets industry standards and will include ongoing security testing.

Smart meters transmit energy usage data through our secure wireless network, capturing the exact same information as existing meters. No other data is collected. For billing and servicing purposes, each customer is assigned a unique number which is associated with their usage data. No personal information, such as name or address, is ever transmitted from smart meters.

What About Privacy?

We take our customers’ privacy very seriously. Even though smart meters only transmit energy usage data, we still use the most advanced security and encryption technology to protect your information.

Smart meters cannot track or record individual appliance usage. Instead, they can only record whole-house usage, meaning Pacific Power gets no information on the specifics of how you use energy, only the total usage. This total usage amount is the same information that traditional meters have always recorded.