Smart Meters for a Smart Grid

What's a Power Grid?

Simply put, a power grid is everything that makes it possible to transmit electricity to your home or business. A network of transmission lines, substations and transformers, the grid delivers power to you for your daily use.

The original grid is now over 100 years old and was designed for a simpler time, when energy flowed in a single direction from large power plants to individual customers. But now, with the increase in home solar systems, electric vehicles and other renewable energy sources, we need a smarter solution.

That’s where the smart grid comes in.

A Smarter Grid

The smart grid uses digital sensors and automated controls to create a more resilient and efficient power system. Using two-way communication between the sensors, the smart grid can automatically reroute the flow of energy when an outage occurs anywhere in its system. The result: outages that are less common and less extensive.

That two-way communication capability also means that we can pinpoint problems and more accurately identify energy demand. During high-use periods, for example, smart meters can help the grid shift power to where it’s needed, avoiding brown-outs by preventing the grid from being overloaded.

The smart grid also increases the overall efficiency of the energy system and improves our ability to integrate clean, renewable energy sources.

Understanding the Benefits

The smart grid features a wide range of benefits such as:

  • Increased digital information and controls
  • More efficient electricity transmission
  • Faster responses to power outages
  • Lower operations costs and more affordable rates
  • Better integration of renewable energy
  • Greater resiliency in events like severe storms and earthquakes
  • Improved security

The Future of the Grid

We’ve been proud to serve our community for over 100 years, and we're already hard at work transforming the grid to get it ready for the next 100 years.

Having a smart grid means we can deliver reliable energy more affordably and efficiently than ever before. And our new smart meters are a critical piece of the puzzle. That is why we’re so excited about our smart meter rollout. It is a huge step forward, and we’re thrilled to be taking it with you.