Bill Projection & Smart Meter Usage Display Frequently Asked Questions

Additional features to see and track billing data are available to customers with smart meters.

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How is the projected bill calculated?

The projection is calculated based on your most recent data to estimate your average daily energy usage. The estimate is displayed after seven days of recorded usage since your last invoiced read.


Projected bills are estimations only. These estimations use a formula that is specific to your rate schedule for each agreement. This information is provided to customers so they may predict their bill or adjust their energy consumption based on their current energy usage pattern.

The formula calculates average daily use based on the data transmitted from your smart meter since your last invoiced read date. The average daily use is multiplied times the number of days in your bill period to estimate the total energy use for the current bill cycle. The total projected energy is then used to calculate your potential charges. Actual energy use is assessed for billing purposes.

Projected bill range

As more days of energy use are collected, the estimate will become more accurate. The formula calculates a projected bill amount and presents the calculated amount as a range. The range of the projected bill decreases as more days of energy use are collected.

Limitations of the bill projection

Since the projected bill is an estimate, it may not match the actual amount billed. The bill projection is based on your average daily usage collected during the current bill period. It does not account for changes in usage patterns for the remaining (future) days in your billing cycle, and does not account for past or current forecasted weather. The following charges are excluded from the projected bill amount and may or may not apply to your account: taxes, past due amounts, renewable energy charges, habitat blended supply, cost based supply charges, non-metered services and variable demand. A projected bill will not be calculated for the first or last month of account billing for single-agreements. When an account has multiple agreements and individual agreement(s) are in their first or last month of billing, the total account projection will not include the estimate for the individual agreement(s) that are added and not yet billed or scheduled for final billing. For customers on a migratory rate schedule, bill projections are calculated based on the rate schedule at the time of projection and do not account for assignment to a future rate schedule. Demand charges, when applicable, are based on the highest measured demand to date for the current bill cycle.

Why can’t I see my projected bill?

To most accurately calculate your projected bill, at least seven days of usage history must be received from your smart meter. This accounts for usage pattern changes from weekdays to weekends. The projected bill amount begins displaying after seven days of collected energy use since your last statement date. When we’re not able to show your projected bill, the following message will be displayed: 

The chart below displays monthly usage until enough daily usage is available for your projected bill. Select Usage Details to view available usage data.

Projected bills are provided for web users only. When your account is linked to a web profile for the first time, the projected bill will start displaying two days after you’ve linked your electric account to your web profile assuming we’ve collected seven days of usage since your last invoiced read date.

For new accounts, the projected bill will not display until after your first billing cycle.

Why is the projected bill amount in red?

When the projected bill amount exceeds the projected bill threshold value you’ve set, the value will display in red text. You can change the bill threshold value by visiting Your Alerts and clicking the threshold value to make the necessary changes.

How can I be notified if my projected bill is higher than I expect?

As a web user, if your account is eligible for bill projection, you can set a bill threshold and be notified if the projected bill amount exceeds the threshold value you’ve set. Alerts can be sent by email or text message. When you enroll, we will send an alert when your energy bill is projected to be higher than the threshold you set. Bill projection begins after seven days from your last read date. After the first alert, we’ll send follow up alerts every seven days, until your next statement date. The projected bill amount will not include past due balances, taxes, demand charges and will apply only to your metered services. Charges such as habitat and renewable energy programs will not be included in the projected bill amount. To set up your projected bill alert preference, visit Your Alerts or click Enroll next to the bill threshold alert on Your Account page.

Am I eligible to see my projected bill amount?

Your account is eligible to display a projected bill and receive projected bill alerts if you have electric service from Pacific Power through a smart meter, and if you are on an eligible rate schedule. Eligibility is subject to change at any time based on account conditions. Please review eligibility and exclusions below:

Account is eligible for projected bill and bill threshold when:

  • All metered services for an account use a smart meter for billing.
  • Account must be billable.
  • All metered services for an account are on the same read cycle.
  • Account has no payment plan agreements.
  • Agreements are excluded from the bill projection when the agreement is:
    • A non-metered service.
    • A landlord agreement.
    • A closed agreement, or the end date for a closing agreement is before the next statement date.
    • Agreement was recently opened and has not had an opening bill.
I used to see a projected bill on my Account page, but I don’t see it anymore. What happened?

This can occur when the conditions on your account have changed, for instance, the account is enrolled in a payment plan or another metered service has been added and is on a different read date.  

What is the number of days into billing?

The number displayed represents how many days have passed since your last billing statement was generated. The number of days will start displaying after seven days of recorded usage since your last bill date. This information is provided to help you manage your usage for the remaining days in your bill cycle.  

Why does my graph view change over time?

The graph display changes based on where you are in your billing period. When your billing statement is generated, the graph on Your Account defaults to display historical usage invoiced on your most recent bill and for the previous 12 months, if applicable. After seven days of recorded usage since your last invoiced read, the graph on Your Account will display the daily usage collected – this represents usage that will be invoiced on your next billing statement. Daily usage will continue to be displayed on the Your Account graph until your next bill is generated.

How can I view my usage for a particular time period?

From Your Account, select Usage Details. By selecting the calendar icon, you can pick an end date to display on the graph. By selecting Month, Week or Day, you can choose the range to display. Month will display daily usage for 30 days, ending with the date you selected. Week will display daily usage for 7 days, ending with the date you selected. Day will display hourly or 15-minute usage for the selected date. Residential meters typically record hourly data and commercial meters typically record 15-minute data. View Usage also provides 1-year and 2-year graphs if applicable to the account. These graphs present invoiced usage (in kilowatt-hours, or kWh) when available.