Invoicing & Payment Options for Businesses

Any size business, particularly customers with national or regional accounts and government agencies, can benefit from Electronic Data Interchange invoicing and Electronic Funds Transfer payment. Exchanging documents and sending payments electronically improves transaction speed and visibility while decreasing the amount of money and time you spend on manual processes.

Electronic Data Interchange invoicing (EDI Invoicing)

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the electronic exchange of invoicing data between your organization and Pacific Power.

With this service, the EDI file containing the invoice data is transmitted to your company in a standardized format. Your company will need to be able to receive and translate the EDI data in order to benefit from this service.


  • Improve the speed of receiving invoice information
  • Improve accuracy of information exchanged between companies
  • Improve efficiency by reducing labor intensive tasks, such as paper handling and data entry
  • You can choose to print a copy of your invoice from our website if you have a Web account

EDI invoice reference material

PDF EDI Invoice Format Standards (810 transaction set)

  • Version 4010, additional versions supported. Please contact us to discuss.

Electronic Funds Transfer payment (EFT Payment)

With this option, you authorize your bank to send the payment in an ACH file to Pacific Power’s bank for deposit. You can receive your invoice via EDI, online or through the U.S. mail. Your payment is posted to your electric account within 24-72 hours.


  • Elimination of costs related to check payments and postage
  • Efficient transfer of payment information
  • Greater cash flow control
  • Transfers are delivered safe and secure
  • More timely payment remittance means no mail delays or potential late fees

For more information

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