Equal Payment Plan

We know that budgeting for your electricity bill can be a challenge, considering seasonal variations in usage and other changes that may affect your electric use from month-to-month.

Our Equal Pay program may be a helpful tool for you to more easily and conveniently budget for your electric costs by eliminating some of the highs and lows in your monthly bills.

Equal Pay takes an average of your last 12 month history and charges you that average each month. Your plan is reviewed annually comparing the estimated amount to your actual usage and any difference will be billed or credited based on the option selected during enrollment. We will also monitor your plan year-round and sometimes make changes to the amount outside of the time that your plan is normally reviewed each year.

It's important to remember that Equal Pay is not a program that will provide you with a discount to your rates. It is also important to know that we may change your Equal Pay amount midway through the year to ensure that you do not have a large amount owing at the end of the year.

You are eligible for Equal Pay if you've lived in the same place for at least 12 months and don't have an overdue balance.

Review Frequently Asked Questions about Equal Pay.

For added convenience, pay your bill online or set up automatic payments.