Customer Service Guarantees

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You expect excellent service. Our service guarantees help ensure we’re delivering to the highest standards.

For more information or to file a claim, please call our Customer Guarantee Claim Line toll free at 1-800-523-3433.

Customer Service Guarantees

Guarantee #1 - Restoring your power

If the power goes out, we'll restore your electricity as soon as possible. But if it's not back on within 24 hours, barring major events or other unforeseen circumstances, you can claim $50 and $25 for each additional 12-hour delay. You must claim your credit by contacting us within 30 days of the interruption.

Guarantee #2 - Appointments

If we set an appointment with you, we'll keep it. We guarantee to set a two-hour timeframe for appointments and will arrive within this timeframe. If we miss our appointment, we'll credit your account $50.

Guarantee #3 - Switching on power

We'll switch on your power supply within 24 hours of your request, providing no construction is required, all government inspections are met and required payment arrangements are made. If we don't, we'll credit your account $50.

Guarantee #4 - Estimates for new power supply

When you contact us to obtain an estimate on providing a new power supply, we'll provide you with an estimate within 15 working days after all necessary information is received. If we miss the deadline, we'll credit your account $50.

Guarantee #5 - Billing questions

We'll respond to most questions about your bill at the time you contact us. If your questions require further investigation, we'll respond within 10 working days. If we don't, we'll credit your account $50.

Guarantee #6 - Meter problems

If you have a problem with your electric meter, we'll investigate and let you know the results within 10 working days. If we don't, we'll credit your account $50.

Guarantee #7 - Planned interruptions

We'll give you at least two days notice, if we need to turn off your power for planned maintenance work or construction. If we fail to give you this notice, you can claim $50. You must claim your credit by contacting us within 30 days of the interruption.

Automatic payments and exemptions

We will credit your account automatically within 10 working days (in most cases) and notify you by letter, if we are unable to meet Customer Service Guarantees 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6.

Guaranteed credits apply to metered customers and applications for new service. There are some circumstances in which our guaranteed credits don't apply:

  • A major event as defined by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). A major event is a widespread outage that is greater than both the design and operational limits of our electric system. An example of this would be a major snow or ice storm;
  • Action or default by someone other than our employee that is outside our control;
  • You missed or cancelled an appointment and we couldn't gain access or contact you, or if you failed to provide adequate information;
  • It wasn't safe to perform a necessary task; and
  • You sent required information to the wrong address.
  • Guarantee #3 does not apply to reconnection for non-payment, theft of service or subterfuge.
  • If you agreed to an interruption, with less than two working days notice or a planned interruption did not happen.
  • If we had to interrupt your power supply to complete urgent repairs, or to complete permanent repairs within three working days of making temporary repairs after an unplanned interruption.
  • If testing your meter caused a brief interruption, or a planned interruption was less than five minutes.
  • If we canceled or rescheduled an appointment, after providing you at least a 24-hour notice (WA and OR only).

Performance Standards

Performance standard #1 - System availability

We will reduce the average length of time customers are without power, due to supply interruptions by six percent from agreed upon baseline.

Performance standard #2 - System reliability

We will reduce the average number of times customers experience supply interruptions by six percent from agreed upon baseline.

Performance standard #3 - Worst-performing circuits

Over a five-year period, we will improve the performance of the five worst-performing circuits in each state by 20 percent.

Performance standard #4 - Restoring supply after a fault

We will ensure that at least 80 percent of our customers who experience a power interruption have their power supply restored in less than three hours.

Performance standard #5 - Answering the telephone

We aim to answer 80 percent of all phone calls to our Customer Service Centers within 30 seconds.

Performance standard #6 - Responding to the Commission

We will respond to all complaints received from Commissions within three working days, and respond to 95 percent of complaints regarding service disconnection within four working hours. We are committed to resolve 95 percent of all complaints within 30 days.