Resources for businesses

We can help business owners who are impacted by COVID-19 get their account back on track. We have resources available including flexible payment arrangements. Call our Business Solutions team at 1-866-870-3419 to establish a new plan or renegotiate your existing plan. We're resuming normal business practices, including issuing past due notices and disconnecting for non-payment, so it’s important you contact us to explore options. Additional notification will be sent prior to any disconnection of service.

Reducing energy usage through efficiency improvements can also help. We have solutions for your business such as technical assistance and Wattsmart incentives, energy benchmarking, and more. 

We also encourage businesses to check with local city, county, state and Small Business Administrations for any special support these entities may be providing. Resources and programs are currently available in many areas.

Federal resources

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act and the American Rescue Plan Act have resources to help small businesses (generally defined as those with less than 500 employees). Learn more at

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Low-cost energy efficiency strategies for businesses