Residential Line Extension Estimator

The Line Extension Estimator provides a ballpark estimate of what it may cost you to install electric facilities for service to your new home. The estimate is calculated based on information you provide and may not reflect conditions unique to your site.

Costs provided are for new single-family homes with line extensions of less than one-half mile. Estimates are not applicable to alteration, conversions, service inside subdivisions, non-residential line extensions, property where low-voltage facilities already exist to serve your new home, or extensions built in high risk areas for wildfires.

Costs associated with underground facilities such as trenching, conduits and vaults are the applicant’s responsibility and are NOT included in these cost estimates.

The Line Extension Estimator is not intended to determine a design, specific route or identify how facilities will be installed on your site. Actual design and advance payment will be determined after you meet on site with a Pacific Power estimator.