Business partners matching 100% of their usage

Blue Sky businesses are stepping up their support

We’re excited to share several Blue Sky business partners who have recently increased their participation to become Luminary Blue Sky business partners – by matching 100% of their usage with renewable energy!

Metro is the regional government that works with businesses and residents in Portland and the surrounding communities to help plan and provide services for the area’s future. Metro is now matching the energy used at their facilities served by Pacific Power with renewable energy through Blue Sky. In addition to the Oregon Convention Center, which has been a long-time Luminary Blue Sky business partner, Metro’s facilities include the Metro Regional Center, Keller Auditorium, Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall and Antionette Hatfield Hall.

Softstar Shoes in Philomath, Oregon, is a company that strives to be as environmentally and socially responsible as possible while making hand-crafted, minimal shoes designed to aid in healthy foot movement and development.

Mountain Burger of Bend, Oregon, is a restaurant focused on providing sustainable dining for their customers with locally sourced ingredients and a comfortable atmosphere.

Pacific Power is proud to recognize these businesses, as well as all of our Blue Sky business partners, for their dedication in doing their part to drive more demand for renewable energy. Click here to view a full list of businesses participating in the program!