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You will need to enter the current meter read, the prior meter read, and the date of each read in order to calculate your tenants' bill(s).

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Baseline Calculation

Item Unit Summer winter
Baseline kWh/Day
Baseline Allowance 0 688
Total Possible Baseline 688

Computation of Charges*

Rate Schedule California D

Item Units (kWh) Cost Per Unit Charges
Basic Charge $7.20
Baseline kWh/Day 0.13425
Non Baseline 0
CPUC Surcharge 0.00046
Klamath Dam Removal
Carbon Pollution Permit Cost
Low Income Assistance Charge 0 0
CARE Credit DL-6 -20%
State Energy Resource Tax 0.00030

*Note: Rates may be prorated based on a rate change during the billing period. Rates used in this calculator valid for meter reading dates after April 1, 2024.

Note: California Climate Credit: In 2024, the credit will be $174.25 applied in the months of April and October.