Pacific Power Foundation offers support for local organizations responding to the pandemic

July 28, 2020

PORTLAND, Ore. — As community organizations continue to face unprecedented challenges in providing support for those impacted by the pandemic, the Pacific Power Foundation has committed funding to local groups helping those who are struggling.

Notable recent foundation grants include:

  • $10,000 to Mercy Foundation North to help fund an additional emergency room area and entrance at Mercy Medical Center in Mt. Shasta, Calif.;
  • $10,000 to Legacy Health Foundation for emergency food support bags for patients or families with immediate food needs exacerbated by the pandemic;
  • $4,000 to KIDS Center to support their Child Abuse Evaluations and Support Program;
  • $3,000 to Mid-Willamette Family YMCA to support emergency childcare for frontline workers during the pandemic;
  • $15,370 to the Yakima County Fire Protection District No. 14, which is located in a high-risk wildfire area, to help with a back-up generator and emergency radio communication.

From its recent funding cycle this summer, the foundation granted nearly 100 foundations, non-profits, education centers, critical service providers and community-based organizations $242,870. These grants prioritized support for community organizations coping with the effects of the pandemic along with supporting education initiatives.

Earlier this spring the Pacific Power Foundation committed $250,000 for immediate support to critical community-serving organizations in Oregon, Washington and California.

“The Pacific Power Foundation is committed to supporting vital organizations such as food banks and other critical community groups that are currently under tremendous strain,” said Scott Bolton, senior vice president, external affairs and customer solutions. “We appreciate the critical work they are doing and are glad we can lend our support. We also encourage others in our communities with the means to do so to help out where possible.”