Powering a better future

At Pacific Power,  we proudly serve 800,000 customers in 243 communities across Oregon, Washington and California.

We strive to be the best energy company in serving our customers while delivering sustainable energy solutions. To achieve our vision, we are guided by our core principles – customer service, employee commitment, environmental respect, regulatory integrity, operational excellence and financial strength – and a shared purpose of making the lives of our customers better every day.

Delivering safe, reliable power

We know our neighbors rely on us, and that’s why we’re always improving our system so you can focus on your day.

Supporting communities

We're proud to be a part of the communities we serve, and we’re committed to keeping them strong and safe places to live and work.

Adding renewable energy

As a wind power leader, we’re finding new ways to harness more clean energy. 

Keeping prices low

We know you count on affordable, reliable power, so we’re taking steps now to keep our prices among the nation's lowest.

Energy expertise

Get technical assistance to install energy-efficient equipment or electric vehicle chargers.

Billing assistance

We have a variety of options to help customers facing financial hardships.

Economic development

We can help your community enhance its economic vitality – attracting top companies and high-paying jobs.

Electric vehicles

More drivers, businesses and communities are going electric with the help of our EV programs and resources. 

Lakes and recreation

Visitors to recreation facilities near our hydroelectric projects can enjoy camping, picnicking, boating and fishing.

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