County of Siskiyou named wattsmart Business Partner of the Year by Pacific Power

June 10, 2019

YREKA, Calif. — Pacific Power has selected County of Siskiyou as a 2019 wattsmart Business Partner of the Year award recipient for its leadership in energy efficiency.

“Siskiyou is honored to be selected as the 2019 wattsmart Partner of the Year,” says Terry Barber, County Administer. “It was a pleasure working with Pacific Power on our energy efficiency projects.” 

Since 2016, County of Siskiyou California has completed 11 energy-efficiency projects in partnership with Pacific Power. The County has upgraded to energy-saving LED lighting in its buildings. Most of the upgrades have been from 4-lamp T8/T12 fluorescents to 2-lamp tubular LED replacements and removing excess lighting. Some of the buildings benefiting from the upgrade include the library, courthouse and the road department.

“As a small rural economically poor County, programs like this make it possible for us to modernize our facilities and stretch our scarce resources,” says Barber. “We’re proud of our facilities team who used the program to improve lighting and employee safety at several facilities while lowering our overall utility operating costs for the County and taxpayers.”

These projects yield nearly 285,500 kilowatt-hours a year of energy savings, enough to power approximately 27 typical homes in northern California for a year. County of Siskiyou received $34,000 in wattsmart Business incentives from Pacific Power for the projects. The energy-cost savings resulting from these projects reduce the country’s electric bill by more than $42,000 annually.

“We are excited to recognize County of Siskiyou as the wattsmart Business Partner of the Year for their leadership and commitment to realizing significant energy cost-savings,” says Monte Mendenhall, regional business manager. “Pacific Power is always looking for ways to work with our business customers, big and small, to help power their bottom line while looking at the bigger picture. Programs like wattsmart give us an avenue to have a direct impact on business customers’ out-of-pocket energy costs while also doing something good for the environment through efficiency upgrades.”

Pacific Power’s wattsmart Business is available to commercial, industrial and agricultural customers in California for technical expertise and cash incentives to improve energy efficiency. For details on how to participate in energy-saving programs, visit