Smart meters give more


Smart meters are digital, electric meters that can send and receive basic communications with Pacific Power through a secure wireless network. 


  • Greater control over your energy use for savings.
  • Improved features for bill alerts and projected bills.
  • Quicker response times during outages.

Usage insights

Sign in to your account to see your energy usage broken down into monthly, daily and even hourly levels. Business accounts can view their usage in even smaller increments.

Safe and secure

Smart meters have been installed in millions of homes nationwide. We’ve intentionally waited until the technology was mature and we were confident that they would exceed our safety and security measures.

Smart grid

Smart meters are a big step forward in our commitment to modernize our grid. Our new smart grid uses sensors to adjust the flow of energy and flex with demand. It’s the infrastructure we need for a clean energy future.

Getting to know your smart meter




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