California Reliability Report

Our most important job is to deliver safe, reliable electricity to your home or business. To measure reliability, we track and monitor outages to see where we can better serve customers.

Our performance

We track our performance using metrics common in the electric utility industry: the System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) and the System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAIFI). The figures below exclude major events, which are typically area wide outages often the result of storm activity, consistent with state regulatory reporting rules.

SAIDI measures the amount of time the average Pacific Power customer experiences a power outage for more than five minutes (a "sustained outage") in a given year. In 2022, our SAIDI was about 126 minutes per customer.

SAIDI performance results

SAIFI is the number of times the average Pacific Power customer experiences a sustained outage in a given year. In 2022, our SAIFI was 2.110.

SAIFI performance results

Annual reports

We file an annual report with the California Public Utilities Commission. Review the reports below:

2022 Reliability Report |  2022 Reliability Presentation 

2021 Reliability Report |  2021 Reliability Presentation

2020 Reliability Report |  2020 Reliability Presentation

2019 Reliability Report

2018 Reliability Report

2017 Reliability Report

2016 Reliability Report

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