Notice to California customers: notice regarding accessing, collecting, storing, using and disclosing energy usage information

Effective September 14, 2018

Our commitment to protecting your privacy

We take our customers’ privacy very seriously. We treat customer information as confidential, consistent with all legal and regulatory requirements, including those that have been established by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and other regulatory agencies.

For general information regarding privacy of your personal information, please see our Privacy Policy.

The specific purpose of this Notice is to inform our California customers about how Pacific Power handles your Energy Usage Data (as defined below) with regard to access, collection, storage, use and disclosure.


“Personal Information” means any information that, when used alone or combined with other personal or identifying information, can be used to distinguish or derive the identity of an individual, family, or household who is or which includes a customer of Pacific Power. Such information is subject to confidentiality requirements.

“Energy Usage Data” means any usage information obtained through the use of Pacific Power’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), which includes Pacific Power’s Smart Meters, when associated with any information that can reasonably be used to identify an individual, family, household, residence, or non-residential customer (i.e., Personal Information).

“Third Parties” means vendors, agents, contractors, or affiliates that provide service to or on behalf of Pacific Power.

“You” means any Pacific Power customer, website visitor, or mobile application user.

Notice to California customers