Blue Sky business partner program

To reward your business for supporting renewable energy through the Blue Sky® program, we offer a business partnership program. Your business can reduce the environmental impacts associated with your electricity use and achieve your sustainability goals. 

Built-in flexibility allows you to fine-tune your renewable energy purchase. You can also earn points for LEED green building certification or EPA's Green Power Partnership program.

To become a business partner your organization must meet or exceed a minimum percentage of renewable energy based on your electricity usage.

Recognition category

Percentage/minimum requirement


Match 100% of monthly energy use


Match 50% of monthly energy use


Match 25% of monthly energy use


Purchase 5 Blocks (500 kWh/month)


Enroll in Blue Sky online now or, if you've already signed up, you can email us to opt into the business partnership program and start receiving recognition benefits like being listed in miscellaneous advertising and customer communications, including Facebook. 

Business Partner Program enrollment form:    

Enrollment Form (Oregon) 

Enrollment Form (WA and CA)

Business Partner Program fact sheet: 

Fact sheet (Oregon)

Fact sheet (WA and CA)

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