Reduce, reuse and recycle at home

Action tips from fellow Blue Sky participants

We know the Blue Sky community goes above and beyond for the environment. That’s why we ask participants each year to share their sustainability tips – we hope you can use a few in your own home!

“I keep a watering can by each indoor faucet. When I need warm water I fill the watering can up until the water is warm. I water my plants with this.”

 - Gayle from Corvallis

    “Avoid plastics: reuse and recycle when they are used as packaging.”

- Gail from Portland

“Don't waste any food if possible. Compost food prep scraps. Use slightly bruised or over ripe fruit in sauces.”

- Nan from Portland

There's no impact too small! Thanks to Blue Sky participants for sharing their tips with the rest of our community.

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