Deck the halls with renewable energy

Blue Sky greens local holiday celebrations this winter

The holiday season is fast approaching, and the Blue Sky program is once again supporting holiday lighting displays around communities by matching the electricity the events use with emissions-free renewable energy.

“Bringing light to the holidays is part of Pacific Power’s commitment to its customers today, and has been for more than a century,” said Berit Kling, Sr. Product Manager of the Blue Sky program at Pacific Power. “With renewable energy now part of the fabric of our region, we’re proud that our Blue Sky customers ‘green’ these traditional festivals, helping light the season in a meaningful, sustainable way all over the Northwest.”

Last year, Blue Sky matched the holiday lighting displays for communities across Oregon and Washington with more than 80 megawatt- hours of renewable energy. This is equivalent to driving more than 250,000 miles in an electric vehicle.*

We look forward to another impactful holiday season!


*Electric vehicles use an average of 32.18 kWh per 100 miles