Custom analysis

For custom projects that are beyond the scope of the incentive lists, we have a team of energy experts to help you evaluate options, estimate savings and help you make a Wattsmart choice before you make a purchase.

Most new construction projects can use our incentives lists, but if you are planning to install unique systems — not on the lists — contact us early in your process for a custom analysis.

Here's how custom energy efficiency projects work

  1. You submit an application: After you identify a project (or work with us to identify a project) the first step is to submit a general application so we can confirm eligibility and program influence. Also provide your tax ID in a completed IRS Form W-9 so we (or our program administrator) can prepare a 1099-Misc. (if required) following the incentive payment.
  2. We provide an energy analysis report: Before you remove existing equipment we need to establish an energy baseline. It is very important that we do this before you purchase anything new. Our analysis will identify efficiency options and help you understand the financial benefits of your investment. 
  3. You sign an incentive offer: Sign an incentive offer before you begin project implementation. If you don’t have an incentive offer, you may not be able to receive an incentive.
  4. You implement your project: Purchase and then install qualifying equipment at an eligible location.
  5. We provide a post-inspection: We may need to see that the new equipment is installed and operational. It can be a simple on-site inspection or it may require more formal savings verification. You’ll be told what the requirements will be in your energy analysis report.
  6. You receive a cash incentive: Congratulations! Within 45 days of final inspection, savings verification, and/or the receipt of all necessary cost documentation you will receive your incentive.


  Incentive Project Cap Cost
Custom incentives for qualifying measures not on the incentive lists $0.15 per annual kWh savings for non-lighting
80% and one-year simple payback

*The one-year simple payback cap means incentives will not be available to reduce the simple payback of a project below one year. If required, individual measure incentives will be adjusted downward pro-rata so the project has a simple payback after incentives of one year.


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