Electric vehicles 101

Owning and operating an EV is easier and cheaper than ever before. With resources for understanding charging basics, tools for simplifying travel and tips for planning your next adventure, there’s no better time to get moving. 

Travel with confidence

The average EV goes 194 miles on a full charge and technology is constantly improving the range and reducing charge time.

Get the charging basics

Understand the different types of chargers, how long it takes to charge, and the equipment necessary for home charging.  

Go where you please

We’re partnering with organizations to expand the network of fast-charging stations in underserved communities across the West.

Find charging stations near you or on your route

Pacific Power stations

Pacific Power provides public fast charging stations in Bend, Klamath Falls, Madras, Mill City and Otis, Oregon. 

Chargeway app

Find nearby stations, estimate the distance remaining on a charge, and plan routes and arrival times. 


Explore available charging stations, the types and number of plugs available and pricing information for simplifying travel.


Find and visit available stations and share your charging experience at new stations with other drivers.



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