Optimal Time Rewards

Join with our community to use energy wisely. With Optimal Time Rewards, you get paid to easily reduce energy use during peak times, without impacting your comfort. As more customers participate, the bigger difference we can make in advancing a clean energy future.

Get paid for using energy wisely!


  1. Smart thermostats: You can earn payments by agreeing to have your smart thermostat automatically adjust by a few degrees during peak times on select weekdays. 
  2. Water heaters: Residents of multifamily properties may participate with electric water heaters. Contact your property manager for details. Property managers, see how the program works.

Smart thermostats

Take advantage of your smart thermostat 

With Optimal Time Rewards, you can tap into your smart thermostat’s full potential to optimize your energy use. And it couldn’t be easier!  

Get paid for participating:

  • Earn $50 when you enroll.
  • Earn $25 annually for ongoing participation.

How it works:

  • You must be a Pacific Power customer in Oregon or Washington and have electric heating and/or cooling (central air conditioning, electric furnace or heat pump). 
  • During a high-demand period, your smart thermostat’s temperature may be remotely adjusted by up to 3 degrees.
  • You receive an advanced notification, and the adjustment is only for a short period.
  • You always retain control of your thermostat, so you can opt-out of an event at any time.
  • After the event, your thermostat will automatically return to its original setting.

Enroll today! Select your thermostat below.

If you have central air conditioning, a heat pump or an electric furnace, sign up for Optimal Time Rewards by choosing your thermostat below. See a full list of models on the Qualified Product List


To enroll, you must have eco+ activated on your thermostat. Steps to enroll your ecobee thermostat.


Need a smart thermostat? Earn rebates on your purchase.


Have more questions? See our full list of Frequently Asked Questions. You can also read the program overview for Oregon and Washington

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