Customers invited to weigh in on Pacific Power’s 2023 rate request

PORTLAND, Ore.—Pacific Power and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) would like to hear from you. You are invited to participate in a Public Participation Hearing (PPH), about Pacific Power’s general rate case application. 

This public forum is part of a formal proceeding that will be documented and placed into the record so the CPUC can make a decision regarding Pacific Power's request. Customers can make comments to the CPUC Administrative Law Judge overseeing this application.

As part of the CPUC’s ongoing efforts to protect customers and community members and to provide the greatest access, these hearings will be held remotely. The Public Participation Hearing can be accessed on the internet, or listened to over your phone, with the information below. Providing your feedback on Pacific Power’s request will help the CPUC in the decision making process. 



November 7, 2022

1:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.


Phone number: 800-857-1917

Passcode: 1767567#

Please note: If you need a language interpreter, please contact the CPUC’s Public Advisor’s Office using the contact information below at least five business days before the Public Forum. 


On May 5, 2022, Pacific Power filed its General Rate Case Application (A.22-05-006) with the CPUC. The application is requesting a total of $27.9 million. This rate increase is driven by current economic trends and wildfire mitigation efforts including: Investments in and maintenance of Pacific Power’s system infrastructure such as poles, wires, and other equipment needed to deliver electricity to customers.

  • Enhanced vegetation management including annual inspections, pole clearing, and increasing trimming clearances in high fire threat areas.
  • Implementation of the resilience improvement plans approved by regulators to maintain safety and reliability in the face of increasingly extreme weather events. These investments include, but are not limited to, installation of covered overhead wire, expanded network of weather stations, meteorology and emergency management staff and system protective devices to localize and minimize safety power shut-offs.

How could this affect my monthly electric rates?

If Pacific Power’s rate request is approved by the CPUC, the average residential monthly bill using 850 kilowatt hour per month would increase by approximately $33.37 or 25.8% per month. These rates would not be effective until sometime in 2023, based on the timing of a final CPUC decision.

Where can I get more information? 

Contact: Pacific Power

Phone: 1-888-221-7070


Pacific Power                  Pacific Power

300 S. Main Street       1054 Northcrest Drive

Yreka, CA 96097            Crescent City, CA 95531