Benton County celebrates new solar project

CORVALLIS, Ore. — A new renewable energy project is complete in Corvallis, generating clean, renewable energy, and supporting a good cause. Benton County held a ribbon-cutting event today with Board Chair Nancy Wyse, County Administrator Joe Kerby, Sheriff Jef Van Arsdall and Corvallis Police Department’s Captain Joel Goodwin in attendance, along with representatives from Pacific Power, which helped fund the installation through a Blue Sky funding award. 

The event featured the unveiling of a permanent sign with a quick response (QR) code that allows the public to access real-time information from the solar array on the roof of the Law Enforcement Building.

“We’re excited to model how smaller renewable energy projects like this can make a difference in the local community. By generating our own energy, we’ll free up more of our budget to directly serve the people of Benton County,” said Commissioner Wyse. “It’s all thanks to Pacific Power’s Blue Sky Block participants. Their support provided the funding that made up 65% of our project costs. Without their help, we would not have the project we have here today.”

“It is always a great day when we can partner with a group like Benton County to help power a brighter future for the community,” said Adam Kohler, Regional Business Manager at Pacific Power. “We’re part of this community, too, so we’re pleased that through our Blue Sky program Pacific Power customers can nurture more renewable power and also support the goals of local schools, libraries and community centers and other vital groups.”

Blue Sky is an opt-in program that gives Pacific Power customers the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint while supporting the development of new renewable energy. Through Blue Sky customers can also invest in qualifying, renewable energy projects for community-serving organizations, such as Benton County. Since 2006, Pacific Power Blue Sky Block participants have supported more than 120 community-based solar, wind, geothermal and renewable energy projects across Pacific Power’s service area. 

Construction on the new photovoltaic project began in September 2021. After numerous supply chain delays, Energy Wise Systems of Albany completed installation in January 2022, and the project began generating power on February 24, 2022.

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