Cowiche Growers partners with Pacific Power to increase efficiency around storing and protecting fruit harvest


YAKIMA, Wash., — This month, Pacific Power recognized Cowiche Growers for achieving an energy efficiency milestone and implementing measures that save nearly 400,000 kilowatt-hours annually.

Pacific Power has partnered with Cowiche Growers for over a decade to lower utility costs and save energy at their Cowiche, WA, fruit storage facilities. In their latest project, Pacific Power and Jose Garcia of Cowiche Growers initiated an energy management project to optimize control setpoints on their refrigeration systems to operate their fruit storage process in the most energy-efficient way possible.

 As part of the Wattsmart Business program, Pacific Power provided energy engineering services to identify opportunities to improve efficiency, save utility costs and receive incentives from Pacific Power.

After implementing the recommended control strategies, and without having to purchase new equipment, the project yielded an annual energy savings of 383,969 kilowatt-hours and utility cost savings of $20,724. 

The energy management project  fit Cowiche Growers’ specific storage and refrigeration needs while maintaining product quality and Pacific Power provided a Wattsmart incentive of $9,500.

“The partnership with Pacific Power through the Wattsmart business program has proved to be tremendously helpful in optimizing energy usage and cost savings. It has freed up funds that could be diverted to cover the operational costs for smooth functioning of the facility,” said Jose Garcia, Operations Manager, Cowiche Growers. 

Over the last ten years, Cowiche Growers has implemented 16 energy savings projects that yield 2,944,659 kilowatt-hours of energy savings annually – enough to power 200 typical homes in the Yakima area for a year. Cowiche Growers has received over $455,000 in Wattsmart Business incentives from Pacific Power for these projects. Additionally, Cowiche Growers is realizing energy-cost savings from these projects totaling more than $150,000 annually.

Pacific Power is proud to support Cowiche Growers as they celebrate their 100 years of business in the Yakima Valley. For more information about Pacific Power’s Wattsmart Business program, please visit